Can your home buyer be a real estate seller as well?

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Wouldn’t it be easier if your home buyer started selling for you? Research says, about 40% of real estate sales is based out of referrals for your company. Design loyalty programs for your customers with exciting offers, incentives and benefits to create customer satisfaction. Find out sure shot ways to generate leads through quality referrals […]

How Direct Selling Companies Can Ease Their Business with Loyalty Programs

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  Direct selling companies have their own set of disadvantages being in a head to head competition with other retail companies offering the same services or products. Often retail companies utilize loyalty schemes along with new offers targeting higher customer retention. The method of the direct sellers is a bit different from direct retail with […]

Independent Businesses- Loyalty Programs and Referrals: Where does your business fit?

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  Independent businesses can range anywhere from direct selling multilevel programs to retail stores to door to door selling. Depending upon the nature of the business and the defined targets by the owners, growth and sales can either happen within the set time limits or exceed it. Apart from traditional and digital marketing, there are […]

Why Are Digital Loyalty Stamps Better Than Traditional Loyalty Cards

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Loyalty is an old concept and has been embraced and utilized by practically all companies and retail chains in the form of loyalty schemes. Leveraging existing customers often brings in a stream of regular profits and is more economical than acquiring new customers. Loyal customers are often hardcore brand advocates and play a huge role […]