Selling a home – the post-RERA Scene

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Selling a home - the post-RERA Scene

Success of RERA

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act (2016) has completed over a year, with promoters and real estate experts pondering over its credibility and long term success. Though some feel RERA has not achieved as much as it had promised, one cannot ignore clear indications of its success in easing out real estate businesses in the states that have implemented it.

Assurance of Home Buyers

The RERA Act has significantly helped in the execution and delivery of real estate projects across the country. It has strict penal provisions for builders exceeding project delivery deadlines. Thus builders are now focused on timely deliveries which have resulted in a long line of homes ready of sale. Thus, RERA-Compliant developers can assure home buyers with credibility and trust in their transactions.

RERA organizes Real Estate Referrals

The RERA Act 2016 deems any person making referrals – as a real estate agent, thus requiring registration. Hence, any individual referral from a referrer who is not registered as an agent will be considered illegal. This has helped organize the Indian Real Estate Industry in a concrete, reliable and corruption-free way.

Selling a home - the post-RERA Scene

Advantage for Broker/Channel Partner

As a result of the established organized structure in Real Estate functioning, a broker or channel partner is also determined to follow a fixed set of rules and regulations. This helps a channel partner to function in a more effective way. Also, it builds trust and reliability between customers and channel partners.

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