Customer Retention

I’m Getting "NEW CUSTOMERS"! Why Bother With Retention Of The Old  Customers? That's a question that you maybe going through your mind. And we have the answer to that conundrum right here. Let's start with the fact that we all know; you've spent lots of time and money casting your lines and you’ve started successfully reeling in new customers – you’re far from completing the job - you've now got to look at how your business is going to keep these customers coming back for more. The answer to your problem lies in a loyalty program which rewards people for their loyalty by giving customers a token of appreciation (A reason for them to come back to your firm). We at Loyalie kept this in mind and we’ve come up with a solution that takes loyalty programs to the next level – A Digital Stamp Based Loyalty Solution!


Don't Just Try & Sell Yourself ! Let Your Loyal and Passionate Advocates Market For You

  • Our solution is a highly effective stamp-based loyalty solution, which aims to keep customers coming back for more.
  • Customers hate having to carry around multiple physical loyalty cards and often do not have them on their person when shopping; hence most of time they choose not to avail the loyalty program when shopping without the cards, even if it is provided by the businesses. Our system saw this common problem and was designed to tackle it, since practically nobody leaves home without a smart-phone anymore!
  • Loyalie’s loyalty solution is highly customizable; you can get it designed as per your business needs. When you come on board with Loyalie you don’t just get a software – you get consultants as well! Take advantage of market knowledge databases and have us advise you on the ideal solution for your business.

How Loyalty Works

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