Marketing Loyalty is the Future of Direct Business Selling

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Direct Selling Business tries to offer value in the form of goods and services to the consumers directly. It cuts the traditional retail model of business and often employs a number of agents or sellers and sometimes might have even specific outlets.

In India, the direct selling business is expected to touch Rs. 64500 crore by 2025. (Business Standard) Even though e-commerce is growing at a rapid rate in the country and even rivaling direct retail stores in some sectors, direct selling still has its grip on the consumers. This is partly due to the reason of the direct selling companies having a large inventory of items similar to the online market as well as offering discounts to their long standing registered users. The products though have to be of a very high quality and consistent so that the users do not change to other alternatives.


Direct Selling Businesses operate mostly through direct sales and word of mouth marketing. The nature of this business is such that it is totally dependent on personal relationships between the sellers and the buyers. If the buyer is happy with the product or the service then he or she may refer it to another person. Often this type of referral and tracking is done through person to person. If the direct selling business wants to grow at the rate that is projected then it needs to adapt to the changing times.

For instance, retail companies are countering the online market by running extensive loyalty programs. The whole user experience and journey with the product is enhanced this way. Many new schemes and offers are formulated each day and most customers see this as an added value they get along with the product. Over time, this is converted into brand loyalty hence increasing sales. Many direct selling companies do have loyalty programs in the form of referrals and but often they are dependent on the seller-customer relationship mainly and offers  are harder to keep track of.

With that perspective, digital loyalty programs are the best way to go for direct selling businesses. (Click here to read the advantages of digital loyalty programs.) Also it is economical to get sales from existing loyal customers than acquire new ones which are harder to get in the field of direct selling. Digital loyalty programs have a lot of advantages and benefits over the traditional loyalty programs.

Not only they are flexible and accessible to all, but are also easier for tracking with both sellers and buyers knowing where they stand in terms of the rewards they are to get. This type of transparency and reach translates to a more positive experience.

Loyalie is one such platform that can be utilized for digital loyalty programs and offers added advantage for both sellers and buyers. Sellers can make their offers from customized dashboards and customers can keep track of their reward progress and offers directly using the Loyalie smart phone application. This combined with the power of making referrals quickly and getting rewards turns customers into lifelong brand advocates. Click here to request a quick demo and grow your business.


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