How to Market Your Restaurant Business

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Marketing is a very broad term and can cover a lot of areas whose functions may overlap. If you are an owner of a restaurant, it can get confusing to know where to start and to focus on which aspects. A restaurant business can be marketed in innumerable ways according to your goals and budget. If your restaurant is already established in an area with regular customers you can tweak your strategies or add some new methods. Whereas, if your business is brand new or you are planning to launch a restaurant it is advisable to look at more innovative strategies.

One can broadly divide the marketing segment into two main categories of digital and traditional programs. Both have their own set of pros and cons when it comes to conversion and sales. Let us have a look at some of these methods.



Traditional Marketing


If one has a decent marketing budget and is willing to invest in the traditional ways of marketing it can surely be said to be a good investment. Traditional methods have a proven track record of successes.


Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes are the quickest way to get your customers engaged and retained. Not only they can increase sales but also generate word of mouth marketing that can further take the restaurant to new popularity. Referrals with enticing discounts and offers create faithful consumers and brand advocates.


Flyers and Leaflets

They can be distributed in several areas. The offers should be interesting with discounts and coupons. Attractive looking designs are the key to leaflets.


TV/ Radio and Newspaper Advertisements

They can cost more than the other mediums but have increased reach and visibility. If the TV commercials are of high quality you can establish yourself as a premium restaurant business brand. Newspaper advertisements should focus on highlighting offers. Radio ads should be catchy and rememberable.


Billboards of Offers / Launch

Targeted areas should be filled with ads that can let people know of the existence of the restaurant the people. Often local celebrity endorsements or ads with people of influence help a great deal in forming  a positive perception of the people.


Press Releases/ Food Events

Press Releases can be done in the form of parties and food events rather than a real press event. Often Restaurants have good food offers to entice the people of the surrounding areas. These require high budgets but can generate genuine and grateful word of mouth marketing if people leave with very good service impressions and quality experience.



 Market Restaurant Business


Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing involves a number of mediums and covers more than just the web, so the definition of digital should not be limited to this only. The greatest advantage of these mediums is that they allow a two way communication enabling feedback and better changes.



Digital Loyalty and Referral Programs

These days most of the restaurants use digital loyalty schemes as a way to quickly connect to their customers. Various offers, schemes and information can be provided simply through a smart phone application which most people have access to. (Click here to read the advantages of the digital loyalty programs)

Digital Loyalty Programs in today’s date are perhaps the best investment in terms of your marketing budget. One can also craft smart referrals that can take advantage of the reach of the regular customer’s friends and acquaintances. Such programs not only increase revenue but also play an integral part in customer retention making them feel like they are a part of the restaurant family.

For instance, Loyalie’s advanced marketing platform can be utilized to run both digital loyalty as well as referral programs. All offers can be tracked and changed from a single dashboard giving your customers instant access to information. (Click here  to see how Loyalie can help you)


Website/ SEO/ SMM

Having a good website creates a positive initial impression that cannot be paralleled by any other medium. A good web presence is a gateway to customer conversion. All your offers and discounts should be updated regularly on the website. The website should a have a clean and uncluttered look with clear call to actions and order sections.

Social Media can be leveraged by keeping up with the current online food trends and posting content related to it. There are foodie groups in every platform, say Facebook or Instagram that can penetrated to generate new customers plus gain a following of people interested in your restaurant.


Registering with Food Apps

One can always partner with food applications to increase reach and sales. Every city has top application users and it always helps to register with the popular ones.  One can also run special discounts and offers through these apps. Some common examples include Zomato, Swiggy and Food Panda.

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