The Importance of Real Estate Loyalty in India

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The Importance of Real Estate Loyalty in India

Indian real estate scene in 2019

The Indian real estate market has taken quite a turn for the better in the last couple of years. The RERA Act (2016) has significantly helped in the execution and delivery of projects across the country, with strict penal provisions favoring quality construction, legit financial transactions and timely delivery of projects. The real estate industry is growing more organized and transparent in India. Like many other contemporary industries, this industry also, has taken up customer service – in the form of real estate loyalty – as a very important part of the entire buying process.

Why is a real estate loyalty program important?

It is necessary to understand that the relationship between a Developer and a home buyer goes beyond than that of sharing a sale agreement. More than often, people dream of buying a house for years, much before the beginning of the actual purchase process. They invest most of their hard-earned income into buying a house and put in a tremendous amount of effort into making it their home. Hence, a Developer should leave no stone unturned to make such a vital event in a buyer’s life memorable – and this is where loyalty programs play a major role.

A real estate loyalty program seeks to address the various needs of home buyers. It provides the Developer with a platform to connect with its residents and build a relationship of trust. The Developer can opt to establish this association by undertaking various initiatives- be it providing the home buyers with an array of perks and privileges or organizing a plethora of engagement activities for them. All in all, through a loyalty program, the Developer has the opportunity to be with the customers at all points of their purchase journey and provide for them as and when required.



The Importance of Real Estate Loyalty in India

Loyalie – a Comprehensive Real Estate Loyalty Platform

Loyalie is a 360 degree RERA-Compliant platform which aims to provide end to end loyalty solutions, specifically to the Real Estate Industry. Primarily, we offer two types of services– ConnectRE and WinnRE. ConnectRE is a platform used for deploying loyalty and referral programs for customers whereas, WinnRE is used for deploying loyalty programs for channel partners.

Under the ConnectRE platform, through collaboration with a wide range of brands across India, we organize deals & discounts for the home buyers of our clients. As an advanced marketing platform, we create engagement events and activations for residents of Developers. Events include health camps or blood donation camps, cricket match viewing, concerts and much more. All of these offers are available to home buyers through our user-friendly mobile phone app. We also create RERA-Compliant referral reward program structure for home buyers and residents.

Under the WinnRE platform, Loyalie ideates, designs and executes real estate loyalty programs for channel partners of real estate developers.

Loyalty Programs are all about building a long-lasting relationship between the developer and its stakeholders. The Developer can earn the trust and respect from its customers as well as channel partners, and gradually grow a strong and sustainable Brand position.

Know more about our loyalty programs.

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