Why Are Digital Loyalty Stamps Better Than Traditional Loyalty Cards

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Digital Loyalty Program

Loyalty is an old concept and has been embraced and utilized by practically all companies and retail chains in the form of loyalty schemes. Leveraging existing customers often brings in a stream of regular profits and is more economical than acquiring new customers.

Loyal customers are often hardcore brand advocates and play a huge role in word of mouth marketing. They are engaged using either traditional loyalty programs or digital loyalty schemes.

Under traditional schemes Loyalty cards, as in physical paper cards with offers and stamps are utilized. Even though such programs are used by many, they are certain disadvantages associated with them.


Disadvantages of Traditional Loyalty Cards


The traditional loyalty schemes that business owners might be are limited by certain factors.

  • Physical Durability: Paper or plastic loyalty cards are subject to a lot of wear and tear as customers keep carrying them around in their wallets or purses. With rough usage or handling such cards their lifetime can be short-lived. Also since they are usually smaller in size, they often get misplaced or lost by the customers over time.


  • No Precise Analytics: Card based schemes are often are stamped physically in stores or by sales people themselves. With a lot of offers running it becomes hard to keep track of every stamped offer and reward.


  • Less Flexibility: Once a loyalty card is printed, the customer usually has to go through the whole sales cycle to redeem the offer or reward. No additional changes can be made on the card or a new offer replacing it can be introduced until the offer closes.



Advantages of Digital Loyalty Schemes

Digital Loyalty Program


In this digital age, the best way for businessmen to keep with the changes is to go digital on loyalty cards. Digital Loyalty programs offer numerous advantages in comparison to traditional loyalty programs.


  • Easy Execution: Digital loyalty programs can be implemented easily. The business owner can directly make offers from his software dashboard and start or modify any new scheme. Also the customers can start using the offers with simply the installation of a smartphone app.


  • Tracking: Practically all offers and sales can be tracked by the owner in his dashboard. There is no room for any discrepencies. The customers can see what stage of their reward journey they are in directly using the application.


  • Digital Referrals: Unlike traditional loyalty schemes where a person has to carry a referral card or coupon, digital loyalty referrals can be made directly by entering the name and number of a person by the customer directly.  Customers can refer other friends and family to the app for rewards which further will increase sales and loyalty.


  • Reach and Flexibility: Digital loyalty programs have more reach than simple loyalty cards which have to be distributed and collected. A customer can simply download a loyalty app and start referring others to get rewards. Updates on present schemes or new schemes can also be notified to the customers via either sms, push message or app notifications.


  • Extra Added Benefits : The utilization is not limited to loyalty only as companies/ business owners can also utilize the app platform to publish other interesting news or information that may of interest to the customer. Customers can access the application and click on interesting links that may link to other sites or offers online, hence increasing organic engagement for the brand or the owner.


Also these days with the rising use of smart phones in India, most people naturally prefer apps as an easy solutions portal. Business owners must realize this fact and try to leverage this phenomenon.

For instance, Loyalie offers a unique and easy solution to all of these problems. Loyalie’s digital platform can be used by all kinds of business owners to upgrade their loyalty schemes plus leverage the increased digital usage by customers. We offer both merchant app plus merchant dashboards for the owners plus a customer app for the customers to keep track of your schemes. You can easily set up schemes and increase your sales by leveraging the loyal customers. Click here to request a quick demo.

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