Customer Loyalty & Engagement



 The ConnectRE platform facilitates the deployment of all Loyalty, Engagement and Referral programs for the home buyers of our clients. As part of the same, we provide our Clients with an efficient and user friendly ConnectRE Mobile Application. There is scope of customization in this mobile app in accordance with specific requirements of our clients.

Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Loyalie provides end to end loyalty and engagement solutions with an aim to maintain a constant connect with the customers. We ideate, design and implement local area benefits, moving in benefits, engaging events as well as a plethora of lifestyle benefits.

Moving In Benefits

Local Area Benefits

Deals & Discounts

Events & Activations


Our Referral program is unique – it is secure, adaptive and transparent. With this program, our Clients get a chance to encash on the goodwill they’ve built over the years amongst home buyers and employees. We design and execute exclusive referral programs that enrich customers in ways they never thought they needed. This RERA-Compliant Referral solution can be deployed both via our customer App (ConnectRE) and a Web Link.

RERA Compliant Solution

Real Time Lead Tracking

Every Possible Platform To Refer Through

Powerful Automated Marketing

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