How Brand Loyalty can grow your Real Estate Business

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According to an article in LinkedIn, researchers proved that increasing brand loyalty in customers is directly proportional to market share and growth rates. To successfully build brand recognition, real estate owners need to directly interact with the end users; thereby increasing the cash flow and reducing advertisement costs. Improving customer relationship First time customers and […]

Referral Programs and Franchising – How referral programs can go a long way in finding investors to take a franchise for your brand.

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Franchising in India. The franchising of goods and services foreign to India can still be said to be in its infancy, with the first International Exhibition only being held in 2009. Franchising in India is still in a very nascent state as it is a relatively new business model for Indian entrepreneurs as compared to […]

Referral Program

Ever noticed how apps go viral? Now let your own business go viral through the power of word of mouth marketing with our easy to use referral marketing software.

Acquire New Customers

Customers trust the word of mouth references of their friends much more than marketing machinery of your brand. So we need to change our ways – it’s time to start acquiring new customers through our game changing referral software which allows your brick and mortar business to have a digital referral program. Alternatively, you can Advertise on our Feed Section […]

Loyalie Fits All (One Size Fits All)

Think Your Business is too small or maybe too big for us to handle? Don’t see any existing clients from your sector of industry? Only operating offline? Whatever be the scenario, we have your back! Our software is designed in a way so that businesses from all industries and of all sizes can fit into […]

Reward & Refer within minutes

Our Programs may take a little time and some effort to get used to but the once you’ve set it up gotten used to you wonder how you ever survived without it. What makes us even better than the rest is our highly highly customizable system which can be adapted to your business needs. PS: We’ve […]

Engage Your Customers

We provide you with an amazing data analytics platform which helps you better understand your customers. What’s even better is our automated marketing solution that keep your customers engaged and gives you 10 additional hours a week. And that’s not all, we also have a private feedback system which helps you redress customer grievances even before they go public! Learn […]