Our Story

Loyalie is the first of its kind digital loyalty card and rewards portal and advanced marketing platform to tap the Indian market. At Loyalie, we have identified the urgent need to deviate from the age-old concept of physical loyalty cards that clutter the wallet, and move further towards a more systematic and digitised version that offers a complete and integrated solution for all your customer acquisition, engagement and retainment problems. Loyalie was born out of a grave necessity in the Indian Market - a fundamental operational gap found with the marketing efforts of most companies, making them homogenous and obsolete. There has been a huge push to acquire clients, but none to retain them resulting from a failure to capture the minds of the consumers and make them feel valued. Over the course of the last year, the company has evolved from being a simple loyalty solution to a full-decked and advanced marketing platform. Loyalie is a one stop solution for every marketer’s every need - from Loyalty to Referral, from Automated Marketing to Private Feedback, from data collection to analytics to name a few. The loyalty card, customer referral and automated marketing app is currently supported on iOS and Android platforms.

Our Founder

The company was founded by Akhil Saraf, with a background laid in purely financial fields. Over the course of 5 years, he has gathered extensive experience in dealing with Tier-A corporates for tax consultancy along with being a reputed investor in the stock markets.  Being a marketing enthusiast, the numbers he observed involved in marketing didn’t quite add up for him. Akhil is further supported by a strongly qualified team from all walks of life, who contribute in their unique and diverse ways to find newer and more innovative solutions for the problems faced by our clients.


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We at Loyalie don't just like to work hard. We also like to raise awareness about social issues. We hope our small initiatives can help shed some light on these issues. 

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