Our Mission

Better relationships lead to better sales. Be it with the home-buyer, the channel partner, the employee or any other stakeholder of the Company, the relationship should be such that every one of them would be willing to put in a simple endorsement of trust. It is this trust of the stakeholder that will ensure a sustainable growth of the Company.

Our Loyalty and Referral Program is not only omnichannel but is also RERA, 2016 Compliant. Through our extensive loyalty program, we make referrals a by-product of the relationship with the customer. Our Loyalty Program focuses on creating that something extra for our client’s customers, thereby building brand loyalty for our clients. Our Channel Partner Loyalty Program is designed for the benefit, acknowledgement and empowerment of the channel partners of our Clients.

Through all our comprehensive advanced marketing strategies, we seek to monitor every response and progressive change of our Client’s customers/channel partners. Eventually, we aim to ensure a well-structured growth for our Clients through quality lead generation.

About Us

Loyalie is a comprehensive platform to improve loyalty among the various stakeholders of Real Estate Companies. We believe that traditional marketing has been done and overdone in the past decade. While branding and advertising is still important, the call to action has been missing for companies across all marketing platforms. In our humble opinion, that last mile today is a simple endorsement not by public figures, but by trusted people in the customer’s lives. Engaging customers and channel partners via a hybrid of technology platforms and in-person action is only the beginning of what is a lifelong exercise of building loyalty.

Our Founder

The company was founded by Akhil Saraf, with a background laid in purely financial fields. Over the course of 5 years, he has gathered extensive experience in dealing with Tier-A corporates for tax consultancy along with being a reputed investor in the stock markets.  Being a marketing enthusiast, the numbers he observed involved in marketing didn’t quite add up for him. Akhil is further supported by a strongly qualified team from all walks of life, who contribute in their unique and diverse ways to find newer and more innovative solutions for the problems faced by our clients.

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We Like To Give Back

We at Loyalie don't just like to work hard. We also like to raise awareness about social issues.
We hope our small initiatives can help shed some light on these issues. 

Salute Those Loyal To You.

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